Underappreciated beauties from movies

Fame is a fickle thing, and movie stars of the movies we’ve loved just a few years ago have been outshined by the likes of Emma Watson and Jennifer Lawrence. Here are some of the beautiful women whose theatrical career hasn’t been really shining recently, but who are regular sweeties who deserve a lot of attention.

Jessica Alba

Around 2005 Jessica Alba was every man’s dream come true, but it seems like her movie career overall has been a bit bumpy. Which is a real shame – Jessica Alba is looking good and she has acting skills needed to woo the audience. Her most memorable role is most likely the role of Nancy in the Sin City movie. Dark eyed and brown haired, this beauty has everything she needs to become a mega star, and, judging from her live appearances and guest shows, she’s genuinely nice. As far as her hobbies and interests go, she is an avid golfer – which is kind of strange, you’d expect that a girl this fit is into a more physical sport.

Kristen Bell

Charismatic and with a dazzling grin, Kristen Bell was always a beauty, and it didn’t take her too long to break out into the life of modeling and filming. but she never quite got to play a very important heroine. Kristen Bell’s Veronica Mars role is most likely her memorable character, which most men would recognize her by. It seems like lately she’s had much more luck catering to the needs of gamers and comic fans, as she has been lending her voice to the characters in the Assassin’s Creed series. She’s often seen on Comic Cons, where she met the crew of the Heroes, landing her a role in dozen or so episodes in the modern series, and we expect to see her in many more interesting roles in the future.

Charlize Theron

Half French, half German and all beautiful, Charlize Theron is a sex symbol that we should be seeing a lot more of. Athletic and dazzling, she has been acting in movies ranging from action to drama, most recently in The Prometheus. She keeps herself physically fit by jogging and working out every day, and she’s not shy of getting sweaty. Her off stage hobbies include political activism in the fields of animal rights and women’s rights.

Helena Bonham Carter

The passage of years has not made Mrs. Tim Burton any less beautiful, and we just love seeing her in action on big screens. From Fight Club to Charlie’s Chocolate Factory, every role Helena Bonham Carter takes on is simply stunning, although she does get to play an awful lot of neurotic and problematic female roles. Still, she pulls off all of the roles set in front of her in a way that keeps men and women alike glued at the screen, and she’s always been classy in live events, on premieres and on talk shows. The fact that she’s married to Tim Burton means that there are many doors open for her when it comes to acting, and we’re all waiting to see more of her.

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